Source: herbazest.com
The Greek climate is ideal for growing plants and herbs, which are to be found in abundance, flourishing on mountain sides, where they are growing naturally.
There are many plants used commonly today which have been adored for millennia since the times of Ancient Greece.
The plants found in Greece today are the same plants gathered thousands of years ago in ancient Greece, and their uses have remained unchanged, not only to flavour delicious Greek cuisine, but also for medicinal purposes. Let’s take a look at 8 plants and herbs to relieve all kinds of illnesses.
Sideritis, Greek Mountain tea
This homeopathic herbal tea is used throughout Greece to aid in illness such as the common cold, sore throats and just about every ailment. Sideritis is commonly known as “Tsai tou Vounou” and its name is derived from the word iron, (Sideron). Back in Ancient Greece it was used to heal wounds caused by iron arrows and swords. Also, Hippocrates often prescribed it as a tonic.
ALTHEA, Marshmallow
The marshmallow (Althaea officinalis) is cultivated in many countries, since even those uninterested in its healing powers are readily impressed by the abundant flowers it presents every spring. Ancient Greek physicians used to add the root to grape must and, after a period of fermentation, administered the resulting wine for the healing of wounds and abscesses. Today, its sweet, mucilaginous root is used to relieve non-productive coughs and offers great service in cases of gastritis and enteritis, while poultices made from it aid in recovery from burns and wounds; the efficacy of these uses are supported by our present understanding of the plant.